Friday, November 5, 2010

Such Coincidence!

I have just published my new website about life after death, and within a couple of hours, received news that an uncle died today!

First Blog

This is the first Mind Drift blog, and it has been created as a link to my newly created Rose and Lotus website.

The basic idea is that this can be the repository for any discussions that the website might generate, with space to direct any side-issues that come up in the course of such discussions (assuming that some might be generated!), as well as any other off-topic ideas that may come to me. (If I consider them on-topic, I will be more inclined to include them on the Rose and Lotus web site itself.)

The web site is an introduction to the evidence that exists to affirm the reality of an afterlife. I have often seen comments, particularly in atheist and humanist articles, along the lines that "there is no evidence for an afterlife, so why should anybody believe in one?" The Rose and Lotus website has been created as a point of reference for anybody who wants an answer to that question, and the primary impetus for this blog is to create an arena for anybody who wants to discuss (or argue) about it.

At the time of writing this, the Rose and Lotus website is brand new, and so I will be grateful for anybody who points out any errors that they may find in it.